Proven. Tough. Survivor of the Unbelievable. Always guaranteed to impress. If you can help with my Autism and give me a task it will be completed with a guaranteed ROI - Return on Investment. Survivor every time even with cyber bullying. Survivor of a major car accident. Honest person with integrity which is important to achieve greatness in mission critical tasks. I am not here for the politics - so cut the bull - and let me code the best solutions with the best technologies to make a difference.

Trust Me to Handle your Task - Cut the Bull of Politics and Let Me Start Coding

Most work places are tied up in politics all day. Where does that leave your management? Expecting something done within 6 months which could take 5 years with all the meetings over design, infrastructure, coding, and new HR policies that adversely impact projects important to a mission.

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Cut the bull and red tape - hire the best - hire and support someone with Autism who will work behind the scenes while you handle the red tape in the background while getting your company's tasks done at the same time with help.

Flexible rates. Honesty. Integrity. Affirmation of Truth. All in Sunny Florida on the Tampa Bay.

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Some of the perks of hiring me, even with Autism: 

  • Can Focus - Limited Client Loads and Work from Home Gives You the Best
  • Can Be Honest - I have no time for bull - if something is not going to work before I spend your money I will be upfront
  • Organized
  • Detailed
  • Sees the big picture
  • Always thinks of the future and its possibilites
  • Designs code to expand without taking shortcuts
  • Stays out of the politics to get the job at hand done
  • Never gives up and stays strong - Has stayed strong for 5 years with being bullied, in a car accident, and move to a new area